sketchbook no.9

Just some robot sketches- I’m working on adding another robot or two to my line, since my two little robots are experiencing a surge in popularity… plus, they’re fun to work on- you start thinking about what their personality might be, what sort of sounds they make, and what their funny little quirks are…


happy memorial day weeked

Hope it’s a good one for everyone- we’re excited because it’s only 82 degrees today- (pretty good for a place where it was 108 just a few days ago)…

Anyway, unrelated to memorial day, here’s some wire sketches of the same dill seeds I posted the other day, as I try to figure out what my new cards are going to be, and what my new larger scale images are going to be…

photos from the week: week3, may 2012

It’s pretty much summertime in the garden- you can see the cycles of change as things bloom, grow, fruit, wither, dry… There is beauty and inspiration to be found in all stages of life. Pictured below are: a sunflower- pre-bloom, some dried dill seeds we harvested before cutting it down to allow for summer crops, and some of our first apricots- dessert!


Sometimes it seems like I’m just in a waiting mode- some sort of strange limbo. Here’s a photo of the chickens waiting- but they are filled with purpose- they’re all in line to use the nest boxes to lay their eggs. The funny thing is that there’s actually another chicken (Brownie) behind Cookie (the blond Ameraucana)- in the end, Cookie ends up squashing together with Brownie to use the same nest box! The other chickens pictured are Lottie-Dotty in the nest box, and Coco-Dotty, waiting somewhat patiently.