pollen and flowers

A good friend of mine has an architecture office with a little gravel courtyard, and a single palo verde tree. It’s the time of year when the flowers are dropping, and the view from her window is beautiful- so I took some photographs. The pattern that the flowers/pollen forms naturally, between the shape of the tree, and the space it occupies reminds me of an artist that I love- Wolfgang Laib, a german artist, who has done numerous works in pollen… If you’re interested in knowing more, here’s an article about him.

most difficult

I’m always asked what my most difficult card to make is- and without a doubt, now I’d say the lobster. Usually when I have a large order of a particular design, it gives me a chance to rethink how I make it, and see if I can streamline the process, to make the design as simple and minimal as possible. I refined the lobster as much as I could, but it just isn’t one that’s easy to simplify! Anyway, here’s a few shots of what I’ve been frantically working on for the last little while- look for these designs and the octopus soon at Anthropologie ( but just in the stores- not online) and also in the Anthropologie UK stores!

Have a good weekend!


Here’s a couple quick photos of a special ballerina card- (and a shot of the reject ballerinas) for one of my favorite people- Rob Whitson- who owns a terrific store in Seattle, plus45design. Rob has a terrific eye- for furniture and other designed items. He also carries my cards! If you’re one of my readers in Seattle, please check his store out!