fold is a small greeting card company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The handmade greeting cards are all designed and fabricated by Miro Chun – with bits of wire, snips of thread, and colorful scraps of paper. All cards are mounted on environmentally friendly, 100% recycled cardstock.

We have a number of lines- wire cards, sewn/mobile cards, and a few letterpress/silkscreen and offset printed cards- but the cards that attract the most attention are the wire animals. Miro is often seen around town with her pliers and spools of wire in tow, busily making yet another frog or octopus, or trying out new ideas. Everyone always asks how she makes the creatures- a jig? a pattern? secret elves? The truth is, it’s just a single pair of pliers, a spool of wire (one piece per image) and her nimble fingers. She credits her computer scientist father – who would bring home tangled lengths of colorful computer wire when she was a kid, and her artist mother, for her crazy wire-bending skills. Other influences include Alexander Calder (his mobiles and wonderful wire circus) and her namesake, the painter Joan Miro. She’s also an architect, a gardener, and a pet-chicken keeper!


13 thoughts on “about

  1. Wow.
    All I can say is “Wow”.
    Your talent is amazing….it makes me wish I lived in Phoenix, Arizona so I could see you ‘around town’ and watch you in action! Great work….keep it up!! 🙂

  2. You work is amazing!! Thanks for sharing. I want to teach my students how to create their own wire sculptures. Any tips? What type of wire do you use?

  3. Wow ! It brought a smile to my face, to stumble upon your work ! How amazing ! How sweet and delicate ! Love it ! I´m already a fan. And the blog? Aw, just lovely ! Such amazing influences!

  4. I’ve enjoyed seeing your cards on various Pinterest Boards, but mostly they don’t seem to link to your blog or one of your e-commerce sites. Today I decided to try out the Google image search and that got me to a blog that had featured you, so it was a quick click from there to here! And, what do you know–your blog is even more fun than your cards!

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