just another wire insect to add to the collection.

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big and little lions

I’m working on some free standing wire creatures to offer for sale this holiday season- I was trying to decide between a thicker/bigger wire vs. a smaller/thinner one- both are different from my usual wire, in that they have a little more structural rigidity… Here’s a few quick photos- not that you can tell the difference in size from one to the other, except when they are together… Look for them on sale in the shop next week…

little lion! (about 3″ high, by 4″ long)

big lion!  (about 5 inches high, by 6 inches long)

big and little lion!


Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’m a little burnt out these days- part of it is all the stuff I need to do, and don’t want to do, and part of it is the weather… monsoon season is upon us here, and while the temperatures have dropped (but still over a hundred), the humidity increase just seems to cause a lethargy that’s hard to shake. For us here in Phoenix, it isn’t March that has weather like a lion or a lamb- it seems to be July and August, with the sweltering thick air and thunderstorms of the monsoons…

In honor of the monsoons, here’s a little 3d lion- although he hardly looks ferocious!