pete peanut




It’s been a long while since I posted- I’m actually concentrating on ceramics these days- if you get a chance, please check out my site– my new little company called Miro Made This

But anyway, in the meantime, I wanted to introduce a friend that you’d probably like, because Pete‘s aesthetic is a little like that of my cards- bright and modern, with kind of the same audience appeal, except much more clever… It’s actually a project that my sister, Mimi, and her friends Sean and Pete are working on together- and they need your help to make their book a reality! They’ve got a kickstarter campaign going- please check it out- there’s a stop animation video that’s just AWESOME. And please tell your friends too! Thanks!

Click here to see what the fuss is all about!


a little sewing

I’ve been doing a little sewing this summer. I love textiles, and it gives me a chance to play with a different set of colors and aesthetics. I like to think that taking time to work with something new and different gives me a chance to stretch my mental wings a bit, and helps bring a new focus back to my other work.  Here’s a little preview- I’ll have some stuff for sale too in a little bit…

hot pads sewingzip pouch purple greenzip pouch indigo dot


Sometimes it seems like I’m just in a waiting mode- some sort of strange limbo. Here’s a photo of the chickens waiting- but they are filled with purpose- they’re all in line to use the nest boxes to lay their eggs. The funny thing is that there’s actually another chicken (Brownie) behind Cookie (the blond Ameraucana)- in the end, Cookie ends up squashing together with Brownie to use the same nest box! The other chickens pictured are Lottie-Dotty in the nest box, and Coco-Dotty, waiting somewhat patiently.