drama of the day, no. 12

Remember the two stray dogs? Well, we had another dog in our yard again. Apparently, there’s a sign in the alleyway saying, “Looking for a good time? Head this way!”




We’re lying low and trying to stay warm- it’s only 60°F here today- bbrrr! (It may not sound cold to those in more northern climes, but considering it was 89°F just a few days ago, it sure feels chilly to us)!

cold chicken

phoenix design week

Tonight there was an opening/reception for the phoenix design week exhibitions – here’s a couple of (bad) photos of my display:



I was pretty happy with how everything looked- I cut 5″x5″ squares of foam core, covered all of the exposed edges with white paper tape, and then mounted the cards on top. I ended up doing a lot of research on how to hang everything. Let’s just say that I can now talk at length about the various removable putties, “dots”, tapes, and other sticky fastening products available in the marketplace…

I was kind of nervous about going to the reception- since I’m fairly shy, wouldn’t know anyone there, and I work at home, ( limiting most of my conversations these days to b. (my husband), and the five chickens. Of course, you’d be surprised at the lengthy conversations I manage to have with Polka-dotty, Spotty-dotty, Sweetie, Tweetie + Brownie… All the chicken chatter must have done me some good though- since I didn’t have  too much of a problem talking to people, and met some interesting folks!

busy as a bee…

Sorry it’s been a little bit since my last posting- I’ve been a little busy. I’ve got an exhibit up at the offices of Terralever, as part of Phoenix Design Week, I’m also participating in poppytalk handmade’s Indie Love marketplace, working on some illustration for the first annual Phoenix Chicken Coop Tour,  trying to finish up my first mini-collection of jewelry, getting orders out the door, and working on posting my holiday cards at the shop…such as rudolph:


Obviously I need to work on the photos a bit more before I post them…

big heart mobile

Just working on finishing up a few wholesale orders- one of which ordered mostly sewn + mobile cards, such as this one:


I won’t put up any valentine cards until after the new year, but in the meantime, Ted is now up at the shops (herehere + here). It’s also pasta friday- my friend K comes over and we make various kinds of homemade pasta… today it’s just normal stuff like linguine and pappardelle, but we’ve also been working our way through ravioli, cavatelli, etc… A few photos here, if you’re interested…