more ceramics

Sorry for the long unexpected hiatus… busy filling orders and “life” that has gotten in the way. If you’re looking for some stuff to look at, here’s some photos of my ceramics- I’ve been working on putting up a portfolio of my (un-card related) work. More photos to be found here.




time lapse visualization of the earthquakes in japan, here.

as a visual person, i found this really helpful in understanding the magnitude of the quakes.



house guests

Things here have been pretty hectic, with a number of house guests- including my parents. They’ll actually be taking off tomorrow, but the four other guests will be staying quite a bit longer…

I’d introduce them all by name, but that hasn’t quite worked itself out yet, although possibilities include Lottie-Dotty, Edie, Coco, Poppy, and Popover, among many others… I can tell you that the chicks include a Silver Cuckoo Maran (one of the black and white ones), a Plymouth Barred Rock (the other black/white one), a Rhode Island Red (the redhead) and an Ameraucana (the blonde). Say hello to our little feathered friends- I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of them here, and if you’re in the neighborhood, please drop by and visit them in person!