links, no. 6

LOVE these drawings of Katrin Hagen on Mischief Champion. They’re hilarious.

Love birds are secretly very competitive
Love birds are secretly very competitive.
Brian never quite learnt how to be social.

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Recently a stray cat has taken up residence in our shed. She’s a cute little thing- with big blue eyes, and pale, vaguely striped fur- probably part siamese. She has also brought her six baby kittens with her- cute little roly-poly balls of fur, that we’ve only really glimpsed once or twice.  We started out calling her “mommy cat” which morphed in to “umami cat” – just because the words sounds similar, and we like the concept of the fifth taste.  (The best translation of the japanese word we’ve found is in  Harold McGee‘s book- where it is defined as “deliciousness”). Once she had a japanese name, it was a simple shift to “chan” instead of “cat”.  Anyway, “umami-chan’ is easy to call out in a sing-song voice, and the only person who finds it an odd name is my japanese friend- because the closest translation I can come up with for the cat’s name is, “dear deliciousness!”