michelle obama + the let’s move campaign

love this!



Here’s some photos of one of my 3D grasshoppers. I took the photos thinking I’d use them to post to my shops, but they’re a little blurry, so I’ll have to retake. In the meantime, I thought they were kind of interesting photos anyway.

grasshopper5 grasshopper4 grasshopper3 grasshopper2 grasshopper1

sketchbook no. 11

Just a quick snapshot of a page torn out of my sketchbook. I had B start dinner for me, so that I could spend a little more time working on my ceramics– so he put together our favorite tomato sauce- it’s super easy and super delicious- the butter really brings out the sweetness of the tomatoes. It’s also super easy to draw out the recipe!

tomato sauceThe “wash your hands first” note was both a joke and an instruction…