a little sewing

I’ve been doing a little sewing this summer. I love textiles, and it gives me a chance to play with a different set of colors and aesthetics. I like to think that taking time to work with something new and different gives me a chance to stretch my mental wings a bit, and helps bring a new focus back to my other work.  Here’s a little preview- I’ll have some stuff for sale too in a little bit…

hot pads sewingzip pouch purple greenzip pouch indigo dot


something sewn

Just a little zip pouch I made a little while ago- linen with a flower pattern I printed on it. I love sewing- wish I had more time to make little things (and big things too)…


holiday markets

Sorry for the absence, busy busy with holiday stuff- more posts in the next couple weeks… for now, just an announcement- if you’re a local yokel, please visit me at one of the two holiday things I’m doing- there’s Crafeteria and People Still Need Presents. Stop by and say hello- I’d love to meet the folks who read this blog and support fold!


It feels like spring here, in Phoenix. Temperatures are in the eighties, and we’re getting ready to plant the tomato seedlings out into the garden. Here’s a couple of wire sketches- I was fooling around with some spring-like leafy things. I’ve also been thinking about making some larger scale pieces for mounting on walls, so the spring greens ended up as a possibility for one of those pieces…

(you can always click on the photos to see them at a larger scale- they usually look better that way)