chicken sounds!

B. found this sound bite- over at the website for Stone Barns –  it sounds a little like our chickens ( of course we only have 6, not the dozens that are probably housed here…). Anyway, people always ask us if  our chickens are noisy- assuming that they’re not, since we have no rooster- well, here’s your answer!

train them young…

I had a visit with my 8 year old friend, Emory.  She’s a very talented little girl, who draws beautifully ( having 2 architects as parents probably contributed something to the gene pool). Anyway, she loves to play with my wire and pliers- it used to be that she would sit on my lap for hours at a time, and have me bend kitty cat after kitty cat for her. These days, she’d rather try to bend her own (with a little bit of help on the tricky parts):

She even named her creations: that’s Hoppy and Hopper (kangaroo + joey),  Oinky, and Bokky. (The mouse and the heart remained unnamed).

Have a good 4th of July weekend!