holiday frenzy

Just trying to get out the last of the holiday cards…this is one of my sewn mobile holiday cards. I only sell them wholesale- it’s one of the cards that it’s better to assembly line, rather than make just one at a time… I’m also trying frantically to get ready for people still need presents– the holiday sale that my friends and I are having this Sunday. Please drop by if you’re local to the area!






Just leaving you with a photo of Coco-dotty, one of our chickens. She’s a Silver Cuckoo Maran, and she lays beautiful brown eggs with dark brown speckles. She’s the most characterful of our chickens at the moment… Have a good weekend!



Lately I’ve been working on carafes… Here’s a photo of a couple of them. The scale is the photo is a little funny- my “light box” isn’t quite large enough to give enough space- but these particular vessels are about 10-12″ tall. I’m hoping to sell a bunch at people still need presents


Here’s some photos of football cards I did as part of an order for the store at the Society of Contemporary Craft, in Pittsburgh. (There are quite a few pictures, because these mobile cards are hard to photograph). Usually the cards are green and blue- I was thinking green field, and blue sky, but they asked to make them the Steelers colors. I was a little nervous about how the colors would look- but I think it came out pretty well! As a side note, when I was a kid, there were free stickers given away with some sort of grocery product- I think it was Wonder Bread. Anyway, I got a pretty, round sticker, for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I thought it was the logo for a group of professional thieves and robbers…


another robot

Here’s an unfinished robot that’s been lying around for a while. My friend Paul wanted a 3D robot, and I’m a little afraid to finish it, because I think I might run out of wire… Just like all of the other cards and other 3D creatures I make, it’s a single piece of wire. So for now, the robot lies in a pile of other unfinished objects and scraps of paper…