Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’m a little burnt out these days- part of it is all the stuff I need to do, and don’t want to do, and part of it is the weather… monsoon season is upon us here, and while the temperatures have dropped (but still over a hundred), the humidity increase just seems to cause a lethargy that’s hard to shake. For us here in Phoenix, it isn’t March that has weather like a lion or a lamb- it seems to be July and August, with the sweltering thick air and thunderstorms of the monsoons…

In honor of the monsoons, here’s a little 3d lion- although he hardly looks ferocious!




Every summer we have a few little friends visit- our bathroom windows are frosted glass, and when we leave the light on in the evening, the insects outdoors move towards the light, where a gecko or two await their chance to grab supper. It’s a mini animal kingdom- looking at the pale underbelly of a gecko, and watching as she moves so fast to catch her dinner- her little sticky toe pads allowing her to cling to glass surface…

happy fourth

Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone has a good one! And it’s back to the dog days of summer…

(my attempts at a dachshund for a new card)

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