all things paper

Ann Martin’s blog, All Things Paper, has a nice post about fold today! Check it out if you get a chance- and welcome to anyone visiting from her blog- I hope you’ll stay and visit for a while! Thanks Ann!


5 thoughts on “all things paper

  1. hi! i clicked over to you from ann’s blog – i LOVE LOVE your stuff! it is all SO CUTE and i just spent 30 minutes scrolling through your site!! so glad to have discovered you! =)

  2. I read Ann’s post about your work and I had to come over and take a look. I just love your designs. They are so cute and clever.

  3. Me too and I LOVE your work!! I may have accidentally gone through all of it rather than getting on with my to-do list (which is not nearly as pretty as yours). You make it look so effortless when my attempts with wire always end up in a jagged mess in the bin, how on earth do you manage it? And your lilttle person’s creations too?!? Seriously impressed – and a *teensy* bit jealous; I want to do this!!!

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