Every time I think about hippos, I don’t think about the ones in Africa, or the ones you see in the zoo- it’s all about  hungry hungry hippos… I loved that game when I was a kid- what could be better than playing with a bunch of hippopotami trying frantically to eat marbles? Hmmm… maybe it’s time to go to the toy store…

Anyway,the other day I mailed out an order to a woman that had written me the one of the nicest emails I’ve ever received. She had written to say how much one of my cards had meant to her- so I slipped in an extra card- this hippo (to go along with the jungle theme she had ordered- lion, monkey, giraffe + elephant).  Too bad this one doesn’t eat little rounds of glass!



(Available here).


small books

I’ve been working on some small blank books- trying out different sorts of bindings- from machine sewn, to hand sewn variations. I’ve been obsessed with handmade books for a while- a few years ago, my friend Eugene gave me a book that he had made about Bagan that I love- partly because of the beautiful essay + photographs but also because the book itself is just a beautiful object!  (Please check out his photoblogs- especially this one).

Anyway, mine are just little blank ones that can be used as sketchbooks, or for lists, or whatever. The covers are hand letterpressed + silkscreened, on 100% cotton, high-quality printmaking paper. Once I work out the final details, I’ll be offering them at my store



jewelry 2

I’m still fooling around with some earring prototypes, and also trying to figure out how to photograph them- I think the blue background is definitely better that the other options I’ve tried. I might try hanging them or something- since when I lay them out flat (in the photos below) – it kind of looks like they are wearing little hats- or rather, big, egyptian pharaoh hats!

It’s been an interesting design study- looking at proportions- of the earrings overall, the scale of the bird to the earring finding, the scale of wire I should use, to the kinetics of the pieces. For right now, I’m just sticking to sterling silver, although I’m also thinking about trying some oxidized silver – i was sketching with my usual wire (the type I use for the cards), and starting thinking that the darker color might look nice as earrings…