My earrings are finally available, just in time for the holidays! I’ll be posting them at the shop-( here, here and here) – although I’m not too happy with the photos, and plan on re-shooting them as soon as I get a chance…

It actually turned out to be a little trickier than I thought to make jewelry- the wire has to be handled differently- the inherent properties of the metals were quite different from the black wire that I normally use for my greeting cards. I was also trying to work in a smaller scale, and the actual process of finishing jewelry is quite a bit different from what I am used to doing. (Thanks to my buddy Joy for all of her help + advice)! The trickiest thing however, was making matching pairs! I’m pretty good at making things very similar, since I make the same styles of my cards over and over, but to make two little objects actually a reflection of each other, meant that I had to end up bending one of each pair in the exact opposite of what is the easiest + the most intuitive way for me to forge them… So, they aren’t identical twins- more like sisters- but I think in the end, the slight variation is also what makes them interesting. I always try to aim for perfection, and then allow for the handmade process allow for objects that in the end, are not perfect, but attractive in their imperfections. Anyway….

here’s the little birdies in 14K gold fill…

Here’s a pair of birdies swinging in sterling silver:


holiday cards

I’m finally starting to post some holiday cards at the shoppe! There will be some more in the upcoming week, and I’m also hoping to debut a couple of other products soon… In the meantime, here’s a couple of holiday card images…(Hope you don’t start obsessively and annoyingly humming “rudolph the red nose reindeer” like I started to, when working on these images…)




custom card

A custom camera greeting card, requested by a repeat customer.. It’s modeled on my old Nikon camera- originally my dad’s, but I’ve had it since college photography classes. These days, for ease of use, I’m just using a dumb-dumb, point-and-shoot digital pocket camera, until I can get my greedy little hands on a nice digital SLR! But I’m pretty old school, and if I had my druthers, I’d stick to my old Nikon and black and white film…