happy st. patrick’s day!

(my quick attempt at some shamrocks and a leprechaun…)



I was making a Count card for an online order, and started thinking about the whole wave of vampire books, tv shows and movies that have become popular, (or depending on which of my pop culture experts you ask, only popular with 13 year old girls) and started wondering if I should figure out how to capitalize on that…  Here’s a quick attempt- I don’t think she has quite the star potential that he’s got as a leading man, but maybe she could be his sister?


It feels like spring here, in Phoenix. Temperatures are in the eighties, and we’re getting ready to plant the tomato seedlings out into the garden. Here’s a couple of wire sketches- I was fooling around with some spring-like leafy things. I’ve also been thinking about making some larger scale pieces for mounting on walls, so the spring greens ended up as a possibility for one of those pieces…

(you can always click on the photos to see them at a larger scale- they usually look better that way)