Here’s a photo of some of the sketches / test runs of the last drama of the day post, no. 10. As I find every time, the hardest thing is not how to draw the thing, but it’s the relative proportion of the objects- in this case, the size of the pasta noodles to the bowl. Although this time I did play with the shapes a little- notice how the rounded bowl made the pasta look like a bowl of japanese udon instead of italian pasta!


If you’re looking for my autumn color week contribution, you can find it here.


autumn color week- green tuesday

Submission for poppytalk’s green tuesday.

Green television card closeup:


And I couldn’t resist posting a photo of our house – which is green inside and out, and surrounded by a big green lawn and garden…


the count in disguise

Here’s another photo of the count, from the other day’s “modeling session”. I imagine that it could be his Halloween costume, or just what he slips on when he wants to go incognito… mustaches seem to be very popular these days. His hair also looks a little bit like a toupee, but that was’t intentional…


* The finished count is now available at the shop.