more minatures

Just a couple more model shots… it’s amazing how real these rooms look, when there’s nothing else to indicate the scale of things… although if you look closely at the second photo- you can sort of see my reflection- hunkered down to get the shot…



Aren’t these cool? They’re photos of a model house- miniatures- a display at the new Railroad Park Building. Apparently the house is a donation from a family in Prescott- anyway, the wooden models are amazing- they look like photos of a real woodshop, don’t they? If you look in the second photo, you can tell that the shop vac is actually an old school 35mm film canister… My favorite detail is theĀ  seventies-era school photos tacked onto the cabinet doors! (You can click on the photos to get a better look)


I found this list a few months ago- although I’m not sure anymore how or where I found it- one of those things that happens when you follow link after link after link… Anyway, it’s a list of 10 principles that “may make your work better or may make it worse” by Frank Chimero, “a graphic designer, illustrator, teacher, writer + creative person”, based in Portland, Oregon. I think his list, and his stuff, especially the writing is terrific. Check out his blog when you get a chance.