I’m always looking for interesting color combinations for my cards.  These days I’m looking at stuff in the garden, such as this purple cabbage, with it’s green, blue and purples- especially next to some of the other plants, like asparagus or brussel sprouts. The other photo is of some tulips from a friend- they started out a sort of pale yellow-pink, but as the opened up, they became really vibrant…


in process

just busy working on card orders…and hoping to launch some new spring cards and other products next week, or the one after that…


bird on the table

I’m always trying to make three dimensional wire birdies- still haven’t figured out the “perfect” one yet… Anyway, this one is going to eat the crumbs on my tablecloth (the ones I forgot to clear off before taking the photo- oops!). The other stuff (sewn circles) in the photo is part of the tablecloth itself- I’m working on a piece that will be going up in a show at the Tempe Center for the Arts gallery later this month… more on that in future posts. Have a good Wednesday.