sea creatures are crawling all over…


what I’m making

I’m always carrying around a little zippered bag with my wire and pliers- so whenever there’s a spare moment (line at the bank, trivia time at the movies before the previews start, etc…) I can bend some more bits and pieces of wire. Right now I’m working on a bunch of octopuses (I thought it was octopi, but check out this wiki post about many octopus…).

sewn valentines


This past week was all about getting orders out the door- a huge one for Anthropologie (look for our bunny rabbits in the stores!) and the last of the valentines day cards… Most of my valentines day cards are sewn ones, so its a bit of a switch from bending wire, to cutting and sewing! I like the valentines cards the best while they are in process- as I sew them, I stand them up on the table next to me, so that I can tie knots, snip thread ends, and then package them…