Rudolph was featured today as part of Paper Crave’s holiday card roundup! And our fuzzy pom-pom nosed reindeer was also featured the other day on Supermarket‘s holiday newsletter! Thanks Kristen! Thanks  Ryan, Randy + Eric! I’m always so excited to see my cards somewhere out in the world wide web- instead of just part of another messy pile on my table! Here’s a close-up of Rudolph:



Here’s a photo of some of the sketches / test runs of the last drama of the day post, no. 10. As I find every time, the hardest thing is not how to draw the thing, but it’s the relative proportion of the objects- in this case, the size of the pasta noodles to the bowl. Although this time I did play with the shapes a little- notice how the rounded bowl made the pasta look like a bowl of japanese udon instead of italian pasta!


If you’re looking for my autumn color week contribution, you can find it here.


Every time I think about hippos, I don’t think about the ones in Africa, or the ones you see in the zoo- it’s all about  hungry hungry hippos… I loved that game when I was a kid- what could be better than playing with a bunch of hippopotami trying frantically to eat marbles? Hmmm… maybe it’s time to go to the toy store…

Anyway,the other day I mailed out an order to a woman that had written me the one of the nicest emails I’ve ever received. She had written to say how much one of my cards had meant to her- so I slipped in an extra card- this hippo (to go along with the jungle theme she had ordered- lion, monkey, giraffe + elephant).  Too bad this one doesn’t eat little rounds of glass!



(Available here).