Look for us on Oh So Beautiful Paper– a terrific blog all about paper- we’re in one of Nole’s holiday card roundups. Nole has a really great eye for some stuff I haven’t seen on other blogs, such as these red bird gift tags

On another note, all of our earrings are currently in stock, and ready for holiday gift-giving. But there are limited quantities of each, so order soon!


jewelry 2

I’m still fooling around with some earring prototypes, and also trying to figure out how to photograph them- I think the blue background is definitely better that the other options I’ve tried. I might try hanging them or something- since when I lay them out flat (in the photos below) – it kind of looks like they are wearing little hats- or rather, big, egyptian pharaoh hats!

It’s been an interesting design study- looking at proportions- of the earrings overall, the scale of the bird to the earring finding, the scale of wire I should use, to the kinetics of the pieces. For right now, I’m just sticking to sterling silver, although I’m also thinking about trying some oxidized silver – i was sketching with my usual wire (the type I use for the cards), and starting thinking that the darker color might look nice as earrings…




I’ve been fooling around with some jewelry ideas lately- earrings mostly- but it’s tough when you don’t have pierced ears-  and now I end up carrying the samples around, and asking my friends to try them on for me. I’ve tried to convince B. (my husband) that he should get his ears pierced, so I can have a model handy, but so far, no go…

Here’s a couple in the works:

earings bird2