another robot

Here’s an unfinished robot that’s been lying around for a while. My friend Paul wanted a 3D robot, and I’m a little afraid to finish it, because I think I might run out of wire… Just like all of the other cards and other 3D creatures I make, it’s a single piece of wire. So for now, the robot lies in a pile of other unfinished objects and scraps of paper…


chamber music

Went to a chamber music concert this past weekend, at the Phoenix Art MuseumThe Downtown Chamber Series is the brainchild of Mark Dix, a violist with the Phoenix Symphony, and the organization brings chamber music (both classical and contemporary) to different art spaces in downtown Phoenix. The musicians are usually symphony members- so the performances are top notch! In their own words, their goals “are to build audiences for our music and local artists, stimulate collaboration between the musical and visual arts, and impact the quality of life downtown.”  The tickets are $10 each, because they believe that classical music should be affordable and accessible to everyone. If you live in the area, you should definitely check them out. We never miss a concert!