silver birds

sometimes late in the evening, i sit on the couch to think a little bit. i like to keep my hands busy though, so last night, i had a few scraps of silver wire close at hand… these are small- the cage of the birdie on the left is an inch and a half high. (everything looks better if you click on the individual photos- something is more in focus).



just a few photos. I’m thinking of adding a couple of freestanding little wire sculptures to the mix on the store- the grasshopper would be the first one, since it’s my favorite- and the shadows are sometimes the most interesting part.

another robot

Here’s an unfinished robot that’s been lying around for a while. My friend Paul wanted a 3D robot, and I’m a little afraid to finish it, because I think I might run out of wire… Just like all of the other cards and other 3D creatures I make, it’s a single piece of wire. So for now, the robot lies in a pile of other unfinished objects and scraps of paper…

bird on the table

I’m always trying to make three dimensional wire birdies- still haven’t figured out the “perfect” one yet… Anyway, this one is going to eat the crumbs on my tablecloth (the ones I forgot to clear off before taking the photo- oops!). The other stuff (sewn circles) in the photo is part of the tablecloth itself- I’m working on a piece that will be going up in a show at the Tempe Center for the Arts gallery later this month… more on that in future posts. Have a good Wednesday.


Recently a stray cat has taken up residence in our shed. She’s a cute little thing- with big blue eyes, and pale, vaguely striped fur- probably part siamese. She has also brought her six baby kittens with her- cute little roly-poly balls of fur, that we’ve only really glimpsed once or twice.  We started out calling her “mommy cat” which morphed in to “umami cat” – just because the words sounds similar, and we like the concept of the fifth taste.  (The best translation of the japanese word we’ve found is in  Harold McGee‘s book- where it is defined as “deliciousness”). Once she had a japanese name, it was a simple shift to “chan” instead of “cat”.  Anyway, “umami-chan’ is easy to call out in a sing-song voice, and the only person who finds it an odd name is my japanese friend- because the closest translation I can come up with for the cat’s name is, “dear deliciousness!”