new cards coming soon, part 3

Here’s some more cards that are new for this season- more wire words. These are for my friend Sasha, who probably thinks I’ve long forgotten her suggestions. Since the cards are handmade, everyone is always coming up with ideas for what I should put on a card- some better than others. The bicycle card came about because of a bosses’ husband’s request- he had a little friend who had broken her arm riding her bike. Other suggestions have been a little less compelling- someone suggested that I make a card with a person leaping off a cliff, as a kind of new-agey “taking the leap of faith” kind of thing- yeah. Anyway, Sasha was one of my friends that helped me when I had some really big orders for Anthropologie with really short deadlines. She suggested the following cards- so, many months later, here we go. These were actually pretty hard to get right- I tried them right away when she suggested them, and then played with them on and off for month. Sometimes text is harder than other things- a curve or a straight edge in one letter can make or break the whole thing…

These will be up in the next few days in the shop- I’ll post when they are available.


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