silver birds

sometimes late in the evening, i sit on the couch to think a little bit. i like to keep my hands busy though, so last night, i had a few scraps of silver wire close at hand… these are small- the cage of the birdie on the left is an inch and a half high. (everything looks better if you click on the individual photos- something is more in focus).


3 thoughts on “silver birds

  1. I happen to come to your blog by Ann, I just can’t express how much i love your fun creation, it is neat and elegant, you are so talented of sketching simple line to make up some many lovely cards, I have Pin them, I love to let people know your blog and come to enjoy some funny dramas.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I am now completely in love with it. Your designs are so original and neat, and I especially love your 3D wire art! I’m envious of how nice your artwork looks…

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