our holiday card

I’m terrible about sending cards. You’d think since I have this little greeting card business, I should be great about sending something for every birthday, every holiday, every occasion. But the truth is, I hate sending cards- since I never seem to have any in stock, I actually have to make the card, before I can send it. And I can’t really send other people’s cards- how weird would it be for me to send a Hallmark card? And then it’s a matter of trying to remember which card I sent the year before- did I send the pink birthday cake, or the chocolate one? The giraffe, or the lion? Usually, the best bet has been to send whatever card is new, that way I know that I couldn’t possibly have sent it the year before! The exception are Christmas cards- I actually want to send those, but by the time I’m done with holiday orders, I can’t seem to manage to send them. This year, I’ve actually managed to send a few, although at this point, starting with the ones I send tomorrow, it will no longer be Christmas cards, they’ll be “Happy New Years” cards! Anyway, here’s a couple of photos below.



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