santa (process)

Thought I’d write a little bit about my process today. When I’m developing a new design I usually go through a bunch of trial and error sketches out of wire. Some are right on the first try, and some take years- I’ll try it out, and then I’ll put it away, and just think about it for a while… The process doesn’t really end there though. Since I make each card by hand, I end up making the same object over and over again, so its a natural conclusion that changes will happen along the way. This year the Santa card has been really popular, and as a result, I’ve been thinking about some changes to it. I thought about streamlining the design some- I’m always trying to subtract bits and pieces, to keep the linework clean and minimal- only what you need to suggest the image. I started feeling like there were too many appendages- arms and legs, hands, a beard, a mustache, a hat…  So here’s my attempt at streamlining good old Saint Nick:

Not sure that this works either though, or that’s its better. At this point, I’ll probably just put it aside, think about it over the year, and next year, pull it out again, and see which version I prefer…The other way I’ll figure it out is through “natural selection” – I’ll offer both versions and see which ones people buy, or that retailers choose to purchase for their stores. It’s a constant back and forth…

2 thoughts on “santa (process)

  1. I love your work and thought process. I do like the old Santa with arms. Have you made a Christmas mouse? Or any mouse…as you can tell I’m new to your sight. Thanks for letting us watch you create.

    • Thanks Lorei! No mouse yet- I’ve toyed with one- but sometimes it takes a while- I’ll put it back on my list of thins to try!

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