after a long hiatus

from blogging, I’m back… We had a string of things happen (mostly bad, but some very good)- but starting with a house robbing that meant the loss of my camera, therefore no ability to take photos, in addition to feeling as though my felt life was topsy-turvy, all the routines, including blogging on a regular basis, went out the window…

Anyway, it’s finally cooling down here (at least in Phoenix terms- only 105F today! but 80F at night!) and I’ve sort of settled into a new routine, so it’s back to blogging. With fall coming up, I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for cards, jewelry, and other projects, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a self-portrait, or rather, a series of not-quite self portraits (since none of the actually turned out to look like me), that I did for a little article for the New Times blog, Jackalope Ranch. (Many thanks to my pal Paul for helping me try and figure out something cohesive to write). The thing with the wire I use, it’s best to use the inherent qualities to your advantage, which means the curves sometimes have their own life, rather than one I would chose, so in this case, I came out looking like some sort of mad-men like hipster girl, with a cool vintage vibe, when in reality, uh, that’s not the case. I do have glasses, and my hair does do a little flip when I actually manage to dry it in the morning, but…


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