phoenix design week

Tonight there was an opening/reception for the phoenix design week exhibitions – here’s a couple of (bad) photos of my display:



I was pretty happy with how everything looked- I cut 5″x5″ squares of foam core, covered all of the exposed edges with white paper tape, and then mounted the cards on top. I ended up doing a lot of research on how to hang everything. Let’s just say that I can now talk at length about the various removable putties, “dots”, tapes, and other sticky fastening products available in the marketplace…

I was kind of nervous about going to the reception- since I’m fairly shy, wouldn’t know anyone there, and I work at home, ( limiting most of my conversations these days to b. (my husband), and the five chickens. Of course, you’d be surprised at the lengthy conversations I manage to have with Polka-dotty, Spotty-dotty, Sweetie, Tweetie + Brownie… All the chicken chatter must have done me some good though- since I didn’t have  too much of a problem talking to people, and met some interesting folks!


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