sketchbook, no.1

It’s rainy + wet outside this morning- which is not quite typical here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Among other things, it means I can’t set up my “photo studio” (a cardboard box covered with tracing paper), since my  only light source is currently obscured by clouds… so, in the meantime, I thought I’d post a few pages out of my sketchbook, and turn it into a regular feature.

I’ve been regularly keeping a sketchbook since my freshman year of college- all architecture students were required to keep one, and use it daily. Although these days I do less “sketching” of the sort we were required to do, I do like to keep one handy at all times. It’s useful for writing down lists (home depot, grocery, plant nursery), phone numbers + emails, recipes, notes about ceramics class, and of course, ideas for new cards and everything else I want to make…Since I’ve been using moleskine sketchbooks, it’s also handy to have the little pocket in the back to store business cards, receipts, paint swatches, and other little things I pick up…




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