more food illustration…i’d love to do an alphabet book…




3 thoughts on “garlic

  1. Hello, hello! I found your blog through swissmiss a few weeks ago and I love checking in to see what new little treasures you’ve created. I especially get a kick out of your “drama of the day” posts. Your wire art is so full of whimsy and design. Well done! Thanks for sharing your stories through your art.
    I hope you don’t mind that I shared your site on my blog – I want others to enjoy your fun, too.

    Jen N.

    • Thanks Jen! I never know if I’m only making myself chuckle with the “drama of the day” posts- it’s good to know someone else appreciates them too!

      • I just stumbled across your work today – and have also been getting quite a kick out of the “dramas of the day”! Not to mention your wonderful work. . . . your words are the equal of the pictures. And I love how you are able to suggest an object with such an elegantly sparse line.

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