I’ve been fooling around with some jewelry ideas lately- earrings mostly- but it’s tough when you don’t have pierced ears-  and now I end up carrying the samples around, and asking my friends to try them on for me. I’ve tried to convince B. (my husband) that he should get his ears pierced, so I can have a model handy, but so far, no go…

Here’s a couple in the works:

earings bird2


3 thoughts on “jewelry?

  1. you just open your etsy store with these!! you will give up cards forever. are you tumbling them to polish and harden? get a gy-roc tiumbler and stainless steel shot. tumble for 1/2- 2 hours to make very shiny and nice and firm. so cute!!

    • thanks joy! i’m going to have to pick your brain for some advice- the more i try my hand at jewelry making, the more i’m impressed with yours!

  2. dude. i love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just need them on slightly smaller hoops. so awesome!!

    sorry haven’t had much time to comment. but soon! only 9 days left of employment!

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